Falling Back into Grace

The world has been challenging lately, especially for those of us who are teachers and mentors and trying to live as examples of positivity and light.
Well, it can happen to the best of us, but I let myself drift into a kind of darkness. Maybe it was the world’s energy, but after getting cast to play “the normal guy with a dark side” more than a few times in films and on TV, I started to see myself as an actor who did these dark, brooding roles and even had head shots that reflected that. And, well, Surprise! I started to feel a bit dark and brooding and even a little depressed. I let myself just live there for a while in the negativity and I didn’t even see it until my loving girlfriend pointed it out to me. I started to look at my photos, my posts, the way I presented myself and realized that it was true. I was dwelling more in negativity than positivity.
I’m not talking about authentic grief or sadness, or even anger that comes with life’s tragedies, but rather self-identifying with the darker side of myself.
But here’s the thing, I never achieved anything in my life by being negative! Everything I’ve done, I’ve done by believing in my power and myself to do anything I set my mind too. I started to look at that, and I started to wake myself back up to who I really am. I remembered and practiced my affirmations and my belief in the goodness and light in the world.
And you know what? I started to feel better. I began to feel the joy around me. My heart opened up even more to love. I could feel a difference in my daily life, my health, my energy, and mostly, in myself. I began to be truly grateful again and to see all of the blessings in my life. I remembered who I was and that I was enough. I made little changes in my daily routine. I allowed myself to thrive, to see beauty everywhere, to take time for myself, and to simply be in Grace.
Whatever you are going through, remember to take even a few minutes to bring in that light of who you are, to feel gratitude, to feel love. And please don’t be hard on yourself if you find yourself in a dark place, just know it’s part of the journey and move on. See the beauty in you and that is all around you, feel the love in your heart, be the full you that you know you are.
Copyright 2017 G. Brian Benson

2 thoughts on “Falling Back into Grace

  1. Blessings ! The Universe is always there to guide us ; we just need to make the choice! We all gave him and yang side thus us how we stay in balance ; yet to stay in the Light us always the best medicine !

    Here’s to you Brian and your lovely girlfriend Fernanda 💜💙

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