Time to go to the “paint” store…

In my first book Brian’s List, there is a cartoon image of me spray painting myself with a can of “respect.”  I make mention of this because there is really nothing more important that we can do for ourselves than treat ourselves with respect.   Treating ourselves with respect doesn’t just mean positive self-talk and making sure others are treating us right. It means we need to treat ourselves right as individuals.

There are numerous ways we can treat ourselves with respect (not surprisingly they are very similar to the action items for being in balance) – being aware of what kind of food we put in our bodies, getting enough sleep, making sure we get some exercise and movement, as well as allowing for quiet time.  Not only will you begin to thrive as you treat yourself better, everything else tends to fall into place as well; whether it is other positive people coming into your life, your intuition coming in stronger or things flowing at a much more even pace.  Can you too paint yourself with a can of “respect?”


2 thoughts on “Time to go to the “paint” store…

  1. Brian,

    What a great reminder. Until today I didn’t correlate getting enough sleep, eating healthy or those type of things with treating myself with respect. I’ve always been one to treat others respectively but when it came to myself it was always kind of nebulous as to how to overcome or correct some “issues” In a sense this it makes doing those things easier because you can make a direct connection. If you respect yourself, you do this and you don’t do that.

    It’s like, duh… I should have had a V8….:-)))



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