Connecting Is Everything…

In today’s fast paced, instant gratification, super size me world, where people’s lives are broken down and validated into bite size tweets, it’s real easy to forget to take a long deep breath and remember what life is really all about…it’s about people. It’s about people and how much we all really have in common. We all have hopes and dreams… we all have fears…we all go through struggles and make mistakes, we all want to be heard and acknowledged…but most importantly, we all want to love and be loved…

It seems like our days are spent being surrounded by other people whether it be at school, work, the gym or the grocery store. But how well do we really get to know these other folks? Are we making an effort to do so? Or are we too busy to even notice?

You know…we all have stories. We all have unique experiences that make each and every one of us different from everyone else…and sometimes when we listen to other people’s stories, it has a way of making our stories richer and more valuable…

How does listening to other people’s stories have a way of making our lives and our stories richer?  If we really paid attention we would find many similarities in their lives which might mirror ourselves and give us insight into how we can live our lives in a more fulfilling, inspired and enjoyable way.  We might also find that they have gone through many of the same trials and tribulations that we have.  We might even find that they have many of the same interests.  There are many reasons why we may have something in common with someone else.  We just have to do a little digging to find out.  I can assure you it will be worth it.  

So the next time you give your money to a cashier at the store, drive by some folks asking for help on the side of the road, or make a deposit to the clerk at your bank…just remember that they are people too and more than likely share many bonds, fears and interests with you, and by getting to know them your life may become richer and more satisfying.  Connecting is everything. ..

2 thoughts on “Connecting Is Everything…

  1. Brian,

    Great opening, love it.
    I try and do this each day as I travel and it’s amazing what I discover each day. A couple of weeks back I was hanging out in the airport(something I do a lot of) and a gentleman came up asking for information and direction to a gate(it’s the uniform) I wasn’t doing anything and for one the airport is confusing and he was from Nigeria I told him I would take him to the gate. As it turns out he was one of the “lost boys of Sudan” that were rescued from Nigeria about 20 years ago. There were 8 young boys brought to America and put into homes throughout. He now lives in Kansas City with his family and works a regular job. He was just returning from Nigeria, his 1st trip since being rescued. A wonderful man, and what a story.

    I could have been stuck in my own world, but by being open my life was enriched by another. Each day, I look for opportunities, it’s like panning for gold, you never know what you’re going to get until you dip you pan back below the water into the sand.
    What will today bring, a smoothed beautiful agate, maybe gold ?

    1. Hey Mark…always nice to hear from you. Loved your story of connecting! That is so cool. I appreciate you sharing that. You are absolutely right…it is like panning for gold. One never knows who they might meet or what an exchange with someone might be worth in terms of enriching our lives. Thank you for the example!
      Hope you run across a gold bar today!

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